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Web Application Development Services

Our web application development services help clients realize the power of the web to become smarter, more connected, and more efficient. A strategically developed web application will help your business lower operating costs, increase revenues, and improve quality of service.

We develop custom web applications using the latest technologies and an agile development process designed to maximize your return on investment. We equip our clients' businesses with powerful tools that provide the ability to track and manage data, access current and historical operational information, improve communications, and automate processes.

Smarter Businesses
By utilizing the power of a custom web application, you can run a smarter business by having access to your critical information in real-time, from anywhere there is an internet connection. With custom reporting tools developed in accordance with your business model, knowing the status, whereabouts, and/or quantity of your resources can be just a click away. The accessibility of current and historical operational data supports a deeper understanding of your businesses processes, allowing you to make better decisions and thus, become more profitable.

Increased Connectivity
The centralization of data and connectivity of resources will allow you to dramatically improve interactions with your customers, suppliers, and employees. As a result, your business will see higher levels customer service, quality assurance, and reduced overhead. Our custom web application development services will enable you to build systems that connect all aspects of your business to help realize these goals.

Improved Efficiency
A custom web application will streamline your business processes and eliminate redundancy. For example, by automating document and report generation, synchronizing information and resources, and maintaining a birds-eye view of the critical parts of your business, you will experience lower costs and improved operations.
Our web application development services form the core of our business — we are experts at designing, architecting, and implementing custom web applications that conform to your business. By combining strategy, communication, and technical creativity, we'll help you streamline your business processes in order to save you time and money, while improving interactions with all those connected to you. If you'd like to learn more about our web application development services, feel free to contact us or drop us a line using the form on the right.

Website Design Services

An aesthetically pleasing and strategically developed website can give your company the competitive edge needed to attract online business, impress potential clients and make information more accessible and enlightening. Your website is a reflection of your product or service and therefore is an association made with your business that contributes directly to the customer and employee experience. Softlogic Systems provides custom web design services that help companies transform the web into a powerful business tool geared toward moving them to higher levels of efficiency and profitability.

We focus on helping businesses deliver a valuable online experience by considering essential points such as:

  • Is the website and the information presented accessible?
  • Is the information concise and informative?
  • Does the presentation accurately portray your company’s image?
  • Do media items such as images and videos enhance or restrict the online experience?
  • Is attention focused in the right areas?
  • Is the construction of the website search engine accessible?
  • Is the website maintainable?
  • Does it save you time and money?

At Softlogic Systems, our designers have years of experience in creating beautiful designs that deliver successful user experiences. We'll make sure that your site will communicate well with your customers while looking great and adhering to W3C web standards.

Website and Application Maintenance Services

We can help you enhance or maintain your existing website or web application. With years of expertise developing for the web, we realize that business requirements change, as do trends and customer demands. With this in mind, we advocate that the development of your website should be an evolutionary process so it can adapt to these inevitable changes. We offer a wide range of website and web application maintenance services that will improve your web presence and impress your clients.

Website Maintenance Services

If you currently have a simple, HTML based website that you would like to be improved, we can help. A fresh new design, an interactive contact or registration form, or search engine friendly pages can help your business get to the next level. We can also integrate the Softlogic Systems Content Management System into your existing website so you can manage your content yourself.

Web Application Maintenance Services
If your business has an existing web application and would like to improve or expand it, we can help. We can increase the usability of the application by analyzing user experiences and redesigning the interface. We can fix existing features that aren't working as expected, or speed things up for a more seamless experience. As the inevitable business changes arise, we can modify or add features to better suit your business activities today.

Web Integration Services

With the power and flexibility of web technologies, many new software applications are being developed for online use. This is in contrast to the past, where the desktop environment was the only place suitable for the powerful software businesses' require. Many businesses today have existing software applications, databases, and other systems already in place that are tightly integrated with their business processes. While the desire to harness the power of the web exists for these companies — the intimidation of change and the steep costs of replacing their legacy systems with a web-based solution are disheartening at best. What most companies don't realize, however, is that a web-based solution can be designed to complement their existing software systems by integrating with or "plugging into" them.

To assist businesses who have existing software systems or databases and wish to introduce a web-based component to their business, we offer web integration services that will make the data and resources you need available online. If you have an existing website, we can seamlessly install a back-end system that will allow you to login and manage and/or display your products, services and customer data on the web. Alternately, if you do not have an existing web presence, we can build a full-fledged web application that will beautifully showcase your products and services on the web while harnessing the power and reliability of your existing software or database.

Complete Control

By transforming your existing software or database into a web application, you can seamlessly control the information presented to your customers. For example, if you have an existing Point of Sale (POS) database, inventory levels can be synced with your website in real time. Furthermore, your web application could allow you to make changes to product descriptions and pricing which would be reflected in your POS system and your website. If you have any questions or have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

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